Welcome to CoffeeTalks Cafe

We are a small and family owned and run business in Bloemfontein. We as a family have a heart to serve and we carry that through our lives and naturally through our business.

Therefore we conduct business on values and principles that we adhere to and live by as well. First of all we do believe that we are to be stewards of this earth and therefore we have a responsibility towards how we operate, taking up our responsibility to take care of the earth as much as we are able to do and living lightly. As such we have implemented a stringent waste management program because we strive to run a clean and responsible restaurant. Furthermore we believe strongly in fair trade and fair exchange of goods and services as well as supporting local and our community. For us it’s about fair share and then giving back to our community and nature.

We do not just want to provide the best service, but we want to provide the best experience and we want to share our passion with you. Thank you for taking the time to read a part of who we are.

Shared Experience

For us, sharing a meal is at the heart of fellowship and community. We believe in breaking the boundaries that separate is while we are eating, so that’s why most of the times you’ll se us serving communal dishes on your table instead of just individual plates.


We serve mainly Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods, with some South African influence as well of course. We cater extensively for Vegetarian and Vegan Diets also.

Food Integrity

Food integrity is of utmost importance to us. Therefore we source first of all the best spices we can, and also we mainly use whole spices which we would roast and grind ourselves. We make our own authentic baharats (spice mixtures) as well.

Support Local

We support local as much as we can, and always ensure to try and source the best and freshest ingredients we can.

Shared Dining Experience.

Mezze is a captivating culinary experience originating from the Middle Eastern and Mediteranean regions, featuring an assortment of small, flavorful dishes meant for sharing.

Mezze encourages social dining, alowing guests to sample and savor diverse flavors and textures while enjoying each other’s company.

Some of our Services

Cafe & Restaurant

We serve Specialty Coffee and Tea’s and Mediterranean / Middle Eastern Cuisine. Our ingredients are sourced by us, fresh, local as far as possible and Free Range!

Workspace & Garden

Our space is an oasis in town. You can get lost in the tranquility for both relaxation and also for hard focus sessions. We have Free Wifi as well!

Venue & Events

We host private and public events such as our Mediterranean Feasts, Drumming Workshops, Boardgame Nights and more…

“One of the meanings of ‘Mizpah’ is ‘safe haven’. And this is what we have established.”

Wikus Botha

Contact Us


6 Ray Champion Street,
Rayton, Bloemfontein.

At Mizpah Lodge near the Botanical gardens.


Cell: 071 194 4020 / 082 855 0066
Email: coffee@coffeetalks.co.za

Operating Hours:
Tue to Fri:
9am – 4pm
(Kitchen closes 3pm)
Sun: 9am – 2pm
(Closed Saturdays and Mondays)

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