Boardgames Cafe

We have a collection of over 50 quality boardgames on our shelves in our cafe!

Ranging from the classics to designer boardgames.

The Boardgames are always available for playing (during our operating hours)

So come on down, order something from the menu and enjoy a boardgame.

Boardgame Nights

Gather your squad, your fam, or make new buds! It’s time to kick it old-school and let the good times roll!

Join us every Thursday night for Boardgames!

Boardgame Rentals

Want to host your own Games night at home, with your family or friends? Or just want to test run a game before committing to buying it? Rent the game at a fraction on the cost!

• Rental fees vary per game.
• Rental slots are per 24hours.
• Pick a date and duration of rental.
• We will explain the rules of the games so you don’t have to spend hours in the rule books.

• Interested in renting a game or two? Send us a whatsapp / email with your enquiry.

* Must have a valid proof of residence and ID.

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